Tirthak Patel

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Rice University and the Director of Positive Technology Lab, conducting systems-level research at the intersection of quantum computing and high-performance computing (HPC). My research explores the trade-offs among factors affecting reliability, performance, and energy efficiency, in recognition of which I have received the ACM-IEEE CS George Michael Memorial HPC Fellowship and the NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS D-3). 

My work has also been nominated for the best paper award at several highly-selective conferences, including Supercomputing (SC) and ICCAD. The tools, datasets, and methodologies from my work are largely open-sourced, as an important facet of my work is to make scientific research accessible. Prior to joining Rice University, I received my Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Northeastern University, advised by Prof. Devesh Tiwari.

If you are interested in working with me, please read this.

Recent Updates

Apr 2024: I will be a TPC member for the Post-Moore Computing Track for SC 2024.

Mar 2024: I will serve as a Program Vice-Chair for the HPC System Software Track for HiPC 2024.

Jan 2024: Enrollment is open for COMP 448/558: Quantum Computing Algorithms being offered in Spring 2024.

Oct 2023: Congratulations, Jason Han, Hamza Shili, and Jason Ludmir, for earning an Honorable Mention and Innovation Award Nomination at the ACM/IEEE ICCAD Quantum Drug Discovery Challenge.

Oct 2023: MosaiQ, published at ICCV 2023, was featured in New Scientist.

Oct 2023: I will be a TPC member for ISCA 2024.

Aug 2023: Read Rice University's faculty profile: "Meet Tirthak Patel: Rice CS' Newest Quantum Computing Faculty Member."

Aug 2023: Enrollment is open for the seminar I will be teaching on quantum systems, compilers, and architectures in Fall 2023.

Aug 2023: I will be a TPC member for DSN 2024.

Jun 2023: "GRAPHINE: Enhanced Neutral Atom Quantum Computing using Application-Specific Rydberg Atom Movement" will appear at SC 2023 (Best Paper Finalist)!

Apr 2023: I will be a TPC member for MICRO 2023.

Mar 2023: I will be conducting a tutorial on practical quantum machine learning at SIGMETRICS 2023!

Jan 2023: I will be a TPC member for PERMAVOST 2023 (held with HPDC 2023).

Jan 2023: I will be a TPC member for HCW 2023 (held with IPDPS 2023).

Oct 2022: I will be an ERC member for ISCA 2023.

Aug 2022: I will be serving on the Program Chair's Team for IPDPS 2023.

Jul 2022: "What does Inter-Cluster Job Submission and Execution Behavior Reveal to Us?" will appear at Cluster 2022!

Jun 2022: "CHARTER: Identifying the Most Critical Gate Operations in Quantum Circuits via Amplified Gate Reversibility" will appear at SC 2022!

Jun 2022: I will be a panelist at PERMAVOST 2022 (held with HPDC 2022), discussing performance engineering and analysis.

May 2022: I will be joining the Department of Computer Science at Rice University as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2023!

Apr 2022: I will be a TPC member for HPCA 2023.

Apr 2022: I received the Northeastern University Outstanding Graduate Student in Research award!

Mar 2022: I will be an ERC member for MICRO 2022.

Mar 2022: "GEYSER: A Compilation Framework for Quantum Computing with Neutral Atoms" will appear at ISCA 2022!